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THREAT LEVEL NIJ 0101.06 – Level IIIA, NIJ 0101.07 – Level HG2

PROTECTION Bullet, Strike & Slash

THICKNESS Micrometer: 0.19″


BUOYANCY Positively buoyant (floats)

WARRANTY 5 Years & Incident Guarantee

V50 & V0 RATINGS NIJ 0101.07 V50 .44 mag: 1,739 fps, V50 9mm: 1,729 fps, V0 .44 mag BFD Average: 34.1 mm



The Next Generation of Armor Technology.

At Safe Life Defense it is our mission to endlessly improve the body armor industry and, even more importantly, to protect and save lives. The release of Hyperline™ HL.HG2 is a landmark development in the future of covert performance armor. It eliminates all compromises by combining the best of safety, thinness, weight savings and cost effectiveness. If you want to be invisible in your body armor, and improve comfort, while enhancing your level of protection, choose to wear Hyperline™.

EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP 100% USA Made & Berry Compliant

Engineered and manufactured at Safe Life Defense HQ in Henderson, NV USA using a proprietary manufacturing process.

BE UNSEEN Concealable Under a T-Shirt

With incredible thinness (.18″) come incredible possibilities. Conceal under anything.

SUPERIOR COMFORT Made to Disappear

Fully flexible yet Self Structured™ panels provide increased comfort for constant all day wear. You will forget you are even wearing armor.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION Fantastic BFD, V0 & V50 Ratings

Phenomenal blunt force mitigation, multi hit capability & edge shot protection.


XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL


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