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Hard Rifle Plate Level IV ICW


  • NIJ Level IV protection against rifle threats when used with a Level IIIA Safe Life Defense vest
  • Constructed with Al203 + Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Shooters cut for increased movement
  • Durable and water resistant polyester casing
  • Anti spall
  • Curved for close comfort
  • Thickness 18mm
  • Weight 5.8 lbs

Upgrade your Level IIIA or IIIA+ vest with our ICW (in conjunction with) Rifle Plates. Slide them into the outer pockets on any of our Tactical, First Response, or Concealed carriers for quick rifle protection. Capable of taking multiple hits, these mosaic tile, 5.8lbs hard armor plates stop up to 30-06 steel-core armor-piercing rounds when used with IIIA or IIIA+ soft armor!

Warranty & Guarantees

Safe Life Defense stands behind our products and your personal satisfaction. If you do not love your platess we will be happy return your plates provided they are in original condition and are within 30 days of delivery.

Safe Life Defense warrants its plates for a 5 year timeframe.

HIGH DEMAND: Ships in 2-3 Weeks


8" X 10", 8" X 10"- 2 PACK (FRONT AND BACK), 10" X 12", 10" X 12" – 2 PACK (FRONT AND BACK)


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