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Backpack Armor



  • Self Structured™ for increased durability and an effortless fit
  • Tapered edges for a perfect fit
  • Durable 600d Polyester Carrier
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 14″


  • Level iiia – Bullet, Strike & Slash Protection
    • Reliably defends against all common handgun rounds including .357, 9mm, 45acp, all the way up to .44 magnum and 12 gauge slugs. Additional strike and slash protection comes standard.
  • Level iiia+ – Bullet, Strike, Slash, Stab, Taser and Armor Piercing Protection
    • All of the protection from level iiia in addition to stabs up to 36j of force, tasers, and typically armor piercing handgun and shotgun ammunition (Liberty Civil Defense & FN 5.7)
  • HYPERLINE™ iiia –Hyper thin and hyper lightweight. Handgun, Shotgun, strike and slash Protection
    • Providing an unprecedented level of protection, weight saving and thinness (0.19″), Hyperline™ is hyper performance proprietary composite armor with excellent blunt force protection and multi hit capabilities.
  • FRAS – Rifle Rated! .223 and 5.56 protection including Green Tip, M193, M855, SS109 as well as 7.62×39 lead core ammo.
    • Slide this 11×14 plate into a backpack for protection against RIFLES like .223 and 5.56! At ONLY 5.3 pounds, this is the most protective and comfortable backpack armor on the market that can be carried by anyone, regardless of their size.
Threat Level

IIIA – Handgun, Shotgun, Strike & Slash, IIIA+ – Handgun, Shotgun, Strike, Slash, Taser & AP, HYPERLINE™ – Hyper Thin – Handgun, Shotgun, Strike & Slash, FRAS™ – Rifle Rated Flexible Armor

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